Set design , the caravan and chocolate fingers way

Set design , the caravan and chocolate fingers way

So determined was I to get the details of the set, in terms of entrances, exits, sinks etc sorted before I go into rehearsal (only 3 weeks away, Yikes!) that I took my 1/2 complete model of the set on holiday with me in a plastic bag.  Made entirely out of one Cadbury’s chocolate fingers box, (plus a little bit of crunchy nut cornflakes) when complete there were 3 walls, oven’s (one with an opening door), two sink units, 1 fridge, 1 washing machine,  1xFrench windows, 5 doors, 1 walk in cupboard, 4 windows and a bin.

Not very professional, I hear you cry and I admit I was feeling anxious. Set design  is the area that I really am scared of. I have seen some amazing sets, particularly in some of the new Nuffield shows, Tonight at 8.30pm was brilliant and Last Christmas’s revolving stage for the Nutcracker would have been perfect, however back to reality with a bump. We are a small amateur theatre with a corresponding budget and unfortunately that means something not so grand.

I digress, I had a cunning plan to my madness. For the second half of our holiday we were joining a groups of thespians camping or caravanning in Dorest. It was the annual Masker’s Camp, Loved it by the way, Thank you to any Masker who may be reading this and was involved in the organisation.  A number of SUP members are also member’s of Maskers Theatre Group and one such person is Adam. Now if you check back you will see from my second blog entry that Adam is a person who does a huge amount for the society and amongst other things he is the person with the stage plan of the Nuffield and the set designer.

So there we were, hiding in a caravan, in the pouring rain, in the middle f a field, moving around bits of Cadbury’s chocolate finger box and checking that it all fitted on the plan. Eventually it did.

If you see the show, keep an eye out for a box of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers they will be on there somewhere in homage to our soggy afternoon, who said theatre was glamorous!














The Effect of Colour on Audience Response in Theatre

The Effect of Colour on Audience Response in Theatre

Haven’t got the plan of the set yet, but as usual my mind is wandering to the colours that the three kitchens need to be. Colour has always been very powerful for me. Put something on a purple background I am likely to like it, it is the colour I feel safe in. Make it a green background and I am running a mile (too many memories of school uniforms).

So colour will play a definite role in Absurd. I know the Hopcroft’s house (Act 1) will be white and yellow, although some people have suggested white and pink but that is just a little too fluffy, Yellow and white for me says cleanliness, exactness and perfectionism, which is how the scene definitely starts, but will the audience think the same way as me or have I got it totally wrong. Research needed…

The effect of colour on Audience Response in Theatre Scenic Design (Thesis by Alison Bell)   Worth a read!