Director’s Blog: Is a play reading an audition?

It arrived, the day of the play reading, the day I get to explain  my vision to all interested parties and hope that some of them like it as much as I do.

We started slightly late with the play reading, having overlooked that electing a new committee at the AGM immediately prior to the reading was probably going to take a little longer than the 10 minutes that we have, nevertheless 9am there was a packed room full of members old and new. I have been to some play readings where the turn out is really low so my first panic that no one would turn up was completely unfounded.

People read very well with some great comic timing which made for a lot of laughter.  I try very hard to give everyone who is there and wants to, a chance to read, but even swapping every few minutes I didn’t quite achieve  this and I am so sorry for the people who didn’t quite get a chance (You know who you are).   There are always a few people at a play reading who genuinely want to listen but most of  us are just lovvies and want to read and be part of the ‘show’. I have always wondered when I used to act, whether a play reading is actually an audition and therefore it is important to be heard if you want to get that starring role. I have also wondered whether Director’s have already chosen their cast before the auditions ever happen. I know of one amdram company (mentioning no names) where parts  were allocated on a strict rota basis, irrespective of what age or skill the role called for. I suspect that each Director works differently.

I will certainly encourage people to read who I think will read well, (bearing in mind the fear that no will turn up – see above!), but beyond that I have no thoughts. On Tuesday I start auditioning and anything could happen. . I haven’t a clue who my cast will be, finding out will be exciting and scary all wrapped up in one.

If you are reading this and thinking of auditioning, come along, you will be warmly welcomed.