Flu stops rehearsals

When I asked my family whether I should direct the play in the summer or the winter they asked me to direct in the winter so that I would have all my summer weekends free to spend with them rather than be rehearsing.

This seemed a good idea so a winter play it was and a very funny one at that. But with a winter comes the flu and so far two thirds of my cast have been poorly and five rehearsals have been cancelled and I have been totally out of action in blog writing. Flu jabs all round please.

Despite that the play is going marvellously. Jane is compulsively cleaning Marion is sniping away and Sydney is on the 11th layer of his pass the parcel. Ronald has been trying to fix a light bulb for three weeks and Jeffrey is swaggering around reminding all the women how gorgeous he is. Eva is causing a problem at the moment as I can’t get her out from underneath the table nevertheless we battle on. It is lovely seeing the characters that you have imagined in your mind come to life in front of you and although it is dark and raining and we are coughing sneezing and sometimes freezing it is worth every moment. I love it and it is promising to be a brilliant show.

Blatant plug coming: tickets on sale now at http://www.nuffieldtheatre.co.uk and I am delighted to sat that they are selling fast.

Bridget wilkinson