48 Hours to build 3 kitchens

This weekend we had our get in to the Nuffield Theatre and started to build the kitchens. If you have ever had a new kitchen fitted in your house, you will understand that creating three kitchens in one weekend is asking a lot.

Under the careful eye of Mike &Clayton (Technical Directors) a merry band of builders set to work.

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I am not good when it comes to the set build. I have to be there so that if anyone asks a question I can answer, but otherwise I am in a constant state of panic that we will run out of time and it won’t be built. Add that to the complication that we have to get three kitchens on and off stage during the show and frankly I need a lie down.

On Sunday I sat myself in the auditorium, taking deep breaths and trying not to be the annoying director who wants it all perfect now. (I failed!) It is so hard, for three months you have visualised the play in your head and you want so much for it to be as you have  planned it but then reality hits in that 48 hours in not long and things have to compromise.

As I sat in the dark in the auditorium, I realised how wonderful it was that so many people, friends and those I had only just met, where pulling together and working so hard, to create something that a few months ago was just a thought in my mind. I felt quite honoured and for that moment  I stopped being the interfering Director and was thankful for the friendship and the trust of SUP. Brilliant society, I recommend them to you.

I was soon back to interfering…..



Director’s blog: One week to go! – I need a list of lists!

Director’s blog: One week to go! – I need a list of lists!

I went to the Nuffield theatre last night to Celia Imrie’s one woman show Laughing Matters which is highly recommended. We were lucky enough to meet afterwards and she kindly agreed to a publicity show to show her support for Absurd Person Singular. What a lovely thing to do.

The last couple of weeks before the show is always a whirlwind and this is no exception.  Christmas and New Year was spent transporting and building sets, in 4 garages across the city and painting flats. We have a very small team of four, led by Mike Frost working round the clock. As the available time to build becomes less, stress levels raise and we start to envy societies that have premises at which they can prepare and build.

Health and safety has had to stop some of the higher kitchen cupboards being created, due to the fact that the flats are not strong enough to hold them and they may collapse. Modification and compromise all the way. This means that we now have lots of blank walls that we weren’t expecting with the problem of what to put on them that is light enough that they don’t fall over but solid enough to look good. Suddenly my mind has gone completely blank as to what people have in their kitchens. Any ideas?

I was seen walking around work today with an empty Gin bottle, as many Director’s do, but I promise I was being good, it was just another kindly donated prop for the show.

At the moment we are struggling with (when I say we, I do mean Mike and his team, not me, I am just worrying from the sidelines) how long it will take to turn around the sets between acts, the difficulty of cue lights behind movable doors and tables that need to be placed underneath where the safety curtain will fall. We have a brown lampshade missing and a white kitchen table and chairs nowhere to be seen. I think we need a armchair and we definitely need some dog toys. We are relying on ebay (not wise) for three bits of costume to arrive. George is loosing his voice (can that happen to a dog) and as to music for the interval aaarrggghhhh…..

HOWEVER, (taking a deep breath) tickets are selling very well, we are nearly full on Friday 23rd, and the cast did a cracking rehearsal on Sunday. The Daily echo has run a preview and everyone is really pulling together.

With all this stress, you may ask why do it. The answer is, I love it, SUP are a wonderful group of people and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now enough procrasticating and putting off the difficult jobs, back to choosing music.

Here is an update in pictures:set building 1 2 3 4