48 Hours to build 3 kitchens

This weekend we had our get in to the Nuffield Theatre and started to build the kitchens. If you have ever had a new kitchen fitted in your house, you will understand that creating three kitchens in one weekend is asking a lot.

Under the careful eye of Mike &Clayton (Technical Directors) a merry band of builders set to work.

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I am not good when it comes to the set build. I have to be there so that if anyone asks a question I can answer, but otherwise I am in a constant state of panic that we will run out of time and it won’t be built. Add that to the complication that we have to get three kitchens on and off stage during the show and frankly I need a lie down.

On Sunday I sat myself in the auditorium, taking deep breaths and trying not to be the annoying director who wants it all perfect now. (I failed!) It is so hard, for three months you have visualised the play in your head and you want so much for it to be as you have  planned it but then reality hits in that 48 hours in not long and things have to compromise.

As I sat in the dark in the auditorium, I realised how wonderful it was that so many people, friends and those I had only just met, where pulling together and working so hard, to create something that a few months ago was just a thought in my mind. I felt quite honoured and for that moment  I stopped being the interfering Director and was thankful for the friendship and the trust of SUP. Brilliant society, I recommend them to you.

I was soon back to interfering…..