The Award Winning Southampton Univerisity Players!!!

Each year the Totton Drama Festival takes over Hanger Farm for a week of one act plays as part of the All England One Act Drama Festival. This year the Southampton University Players put forward two plays. Semblance of Madness and Motherhood Out Loud.


These two very different pieces performed on the Friday night of the festival (Motherhood Out Loud) and Saturday (Semblance of Madness). The Directors, Actors and Technical crew worked incredibly hard to put forward two strong emotive pieces. At the end of each evening the adjudicator (Paul Fowler) put forward his thoughts on each piece, and then on the Saturday night there is an awards ceremony where we found out who would be forward to the next round of the All England One Act Drama Festival and which groups won awards.

Motherhood on Stage  Semblence on Stage

Well… The hard work from all involved really paid off, the festival and the Adjudicator commented on the high quality of performances this year from the 9 plays put forward from groups across Hampshire. But the hard work of all paid off.

14 Nominations across the board…

Best Technical Achievement

Motherhood Out Loud

Semblance of Madness

Best Director

Alison Wells (Semblance of Madness)

Jane Beesley (Motherhood Out Loud)

Adjudicators Award

Semblance of Madness – The final moments

Motherhood Out Loud – The final moments

Best Supporting Player

Michelle Heffer (Semblance of Madness)

Alison Wells (Semblance of Madness)

The Entire Cast of Motherhood Out Loud

Best Adult Actor

Jonathan Shepherd

Best Adult Actress

Hazel Burrows (Motherhood Out Loud)

Sally Scott (Motherhood Out Loud)

Imogen Higgs (Motherhood Out Loud)

Bridget Wilkinson (Semblance of Madness)

From the headline, you can tell that not only did we receive a plethora of nominations, we also won in several Categories…

Best Technical Achievement

Motherhood Out Loud

Best Supporting Player

Michelle Heffer (Semblance of Madness)

Best Adult Actress

Bridget Wilkinson (Semblance of Madness)

Totton Dama - Jane and Adj Bridget Winning Michelle Winning

But that’s not it! Not only did we get 14 nominations and 3 wins. Motherhood Out Loud came third overall and will be moving onto the next round at Shaftesbury on the 2nd May!!!!

MOL Cast Winners

I hope you will join me in congratulating everyone involved. What an amazing achievement for SUP!


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