Meet the family – Dot

Let’s met John’s mum Dot. Nobody knows us like our mums. Or so they would like to think. Do you agree?

Our John’s coming ‘ome this weekend and I can’t wait! Mind you, I’ll probably want to kill him, 5 minutes after he walks through that door!! Last time he came ‘ome, I couldn’t get a word out of ‘im for t’first  day –  he just lay on that sofa watchin’ telly and eating!

I’m so proud of him now he’s at university. I never thought I’d see the day when someone from my family would be at university!  My mam and dad would ‘ave been so proud – anyway, I feel sure they are watching and smiling to themselves.

Well I’d better get on – this ‘ouse doesn’t clean itself you know! I found another one of them mucky books ‘idden in a record sleeve on t’bookcase this morning – I must ‘ave missed that one when we cleared them out when John were 15! Or could it be Vic’s?! I never thought of that – I’m going to kill ‘im!