Meet the Family – Grandad Jack

Grandad Jack, Patriarch? Fighter? Father? Husband? A traditional miner with a soft spot for his grandson.

It’s bin quite a struggle , workin down the pit for fifty years, but I’ve managed to fight my way into gaining some respect for meself, even if I’ve ad to punch a few heads on the way.  I was lucky in finding a lass like Liz to keep me on the straight and narrow, and in aving daughters like Dot and Doris to look after me .  No son, though ; I’d av liked one , and me two sons-in-law weren’t up to much.  Soft spot for young John, though, awkward little sod as he as bin at times ; perhaps e takes after me in some ways !  Not down the pit, though !  Actin’  and plays and such !

Meet The Family – Rebecca

Rebecca is John’s cousin, so perhaps a view from outside the inner workings of the family. What do you think?

We’re heading up north to visit the family again, my mother’s side that is. They’re fantastically delightful people but we don’t have very much in common. My cousin John changes so much every time I visit, I can’t keep up. I really do enjoy visiting them all, even if it means spending so much time with my mother. The day I was born Mummy planned out my whole life for me and now she finds it very hard to let me make decisions for myself. I really wish she could see things from my point of view but she is so determined not to. Anyway, our family visits mean that I get to see my wonderful Uncle Vic. He really is hilarious!!

Meet the family – Aunt Edna

I’m so proud of my daughter Rebecca.  She’s turned out to be an accomplished, if slightly feisty, young lady.  All my efforts and involvement in her life seem to have paid off as she has graduated from University with Honours, and I couldn’t be more proud.  I think I was right to move away to Gloucestershire when I did. I married a man from Cambridge and we settled in a lovely leafy suburb where I was able to offer Rebecca the most wonderful opportunities throughout her childhood and formative years.  We go back to visit now and then, but we don’t stay long!  I don’t feel so comfortable there anymore.  And besides, where would I buy Rington’s tea?

Meet the Grandmother, Liz

Meet the Grandmother, Liz

Liz is the powerhouse of the family. A matriarch who keeps the family together; she is a strong, loyal woman who would always put her family first.
While having a close relationship with her daughters, it is John who is ‘The apple of his gran’s eye.’ and as the play unfolds, we are given glimpses of things they did together. ‘Draw the curtains on a Sunday afternoon and have an ice-cream.’At the beginning of the play, John describes Liz as ‘a bundle of love and affection’. She didn’t share her illness with them because she didn’t want to give them any unnecessary worry and she loved them all with a passion!