Herding Cats – Baby Steps

So, our first readthrough was on Thursday and it all went swimmingly well.  There’s no doubt that as a director you pray that you’ve got the casting right and it isn’t until you’ve got everyone in the room for the first time that you know if that’s the case.  A huge sigh of relief though!  I’m pleased and releived to say that we’ve got an absolutely amazing group of people together.

Shakespeare can be quite tricky at the best of times but Shakespeare readthroughs are traditionally turgid affairs.  I’ve sat through quite a few now, both amateur and professional, and the overridding feeling is always one of dread with that nagging voice whispering in your ear ‘This production is going to be awful.  There’s still time to get out.  RUN!!!!’

However, not this time. Everyone read well, confidently and we even got some laughs – unheard of at a table reading.  I think the cast left feeling as excited about this project as I am.  There seemed to be a real buzz in the air.

It’s a relief to finally be off and running.  There’s still plenty of opportunity to get involved if you fancy it.  Backstage, marketing, prop making, stage managing, costumes …. there’s always plenty to do and it would be lovely for me, as a new boy, to get as much help from you all as possible. Contact me or one of the usual suspects.  It’d be great to have you on board.

The Dream readthrough - smiling faces!

The Dream readthrough – smiling faces!