Herding Cats – Big Cahoonas

As we approach December and the festive season, rehearsals are coming along.  The cast are getting to grips with their lines and most of the time aren’t bumping into the metaphorical furniture.

However, eyebrows are often raised when I ask for ‘more, more, more!’  ‘Bigger!’ goes up the cry, ‘I want more energy, I want it to be bigger, I want it to be theatrical!’  

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing worse in the theatre than a timid actor. That’s not what an audience pays to see.   Being on stage requires bravery, energy, boldness, imagination and big cahoonas.  And I mean ‘BIG!’ And that is what I am demanding from my cast.

But, we’re getting there … at a sedate pace so far, but we are getting there.  There may be some screaming and some tears to come; there may be some hissy fits and tantrums too; but theatre wouldn’t be theatre without a little drama, now would it?

So get those cahoonas pumped up and let’s see what you’ve got!