Bouncers & Shakers Blog…

Shakers Girls!

You’ve got Ellie-Rose -aka Nicki- first time performing for SUP.  I am very excited to be able to perform alongside the very talented cast of Shakers. I see a lot of myself in Nicki and her ambition for acting is something we both share.

You’ve got Katrina – aka Adele – new to SUP and very much enjoying the all female cast. My ability to get into the mindset of a giggly  18-year-old getting ready for a party makes me wonder if I have matured at all over the last few years!

You’ve got Rhiannon – aka Mel – who is very excited to be in Shakers having been away from acting for far too long, less excited at the prospect of doing a Northern accent though.

You’ve got Alison  – aka Carol – SUP Secretary and ‘long standing’  member (I prefer that to ‘old’ thank you Lorraine… ;-)). Very pleased to be in the cast of our inaugural show at The Stage Door  and rather surprised how easy I find it to play a drunk bloke in a bar….