Directors Blog: A Monstrous Production

Good evening folks! 

It’s Sunday again so here I am. 

Monday was the production meeting. Was so blessed that so many people turned up willing to help! About 10 of us in a meeting room spreading out the workload. I breathed a big sigh of relief that my idea for the set wasn’t insane and I could actually have my book. You’ll see what I mean when you come and see it. It was actually an idea adapted from when I was a member many years ago with the University Theatre Group. I like the idea of paying homage to the fact it was a book first, so having a large book on stage kills two birds with one stone, as it also gives us a way to set each scene without lengthy set changes (27 scene changes in total) we’d be on till the early hours if we did a full scene change for each one. I’ve seen a few different adaptations of Pratchett books and the ingenuity of the directors and their production teams to take a whole book and condense it down to one stage amazes me. Two notable ones come from Making Money by The Studio Theatre in Salisbury directed by Chris Hawley – who used three arch ways along the back which with changeable signs became shops, bank teller stations and more. Some might recognise Chris’ name from Bouncers & A Midsummer’s Night Dream from SUP over the last year. You can follow Chris’ Black Box Theatre company on facebook – I’m really looking forward to their first production! The other was many many moons ago with the Bellevue Players (they seem now to have disbanded which is a shame as it’s where a cut my amdram teeth!) with Wyrd Sisters – who had a two story box to move between scenes. So back to the actual point – I can have my book and this is a good thing! 

Props are pretty much sorted – picked up a sword from SH this weekend – who tells me the portable Clacks machine is in the making. The guys seemed to have lots of ideas on how to make my campfire which is good because I’m not that technical and would have been incredibly lost – but there was talk of computer fans and lights and moving flames, so at this point I hand it over to them with a smile! 

Costumes seem to be the only issue right now – so, considering how well me mentioning my concern over the trailer went last time (more on that below) I don’t suppose anyone has access to a lot of red military jackets do they… please… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, last blog I mentioned I was in a bit of a quandary about the trailer, as I didn’t want to have people out of costume. Well, having read about my concern, my brother-in-law got in contact saying he had an idea. Over wine and board games this weekend he explained it to me and I’m so on board! Can’t wait to film it. Yoni has already made some brilliant films and would recommend looking at Yesh Video. Though please click the link and don’t google Yesh! Films because google thinks its being helpful spell correcting for you and I don’t want to be responsible for your internet history. 

Rehearsals this week we ran act 1 and 2 (Tuesday and Thursday) to make sure all the blocking was in place etc, I’d only missed a few scenes – but with changing availability of cast and 27 scenes to plot I don’t think is that bad. Now we can get to the fun stuff! Looking at characters and refining things until January… 

I’m going to end this weeks blog on a slightly surreal moment I had this week. Ok, so, I kind of thought that a few people might read this – my family mainly ๐Ÿ˜‰. Then I mentioned the blog in rehearsals and I find out that it’s not just my long suffering family who have been having a read! I mean that’s amazing, but felt I should have put more effort to structure it rather than my Sunday evening rambling. But it’s my way of doing it so that’s the way it is. But if you’re reading this week Hello to Frankie’s mum and Kat’s mum! Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

I’ll see you next week. In the mean time remember #WeAreMonstrous and book