Directors Blog: A Monstrous Production – The Trailer is HERE!!!

Good Evening Everyone,

Those who are following the blog will have noticed that there was no post last week – apologies. You know that we’re a community group so everyone has other commitments, and mine last week was work. It pays the bills so kind of has to come first. But I’m back this week with a bumper edition for you!

So, the week before last not much happened in the way of rehearsals – I had to cancel my first ever rehearsal and then the second one we had next week almost all my cast was struck down with the winter bug! It can’t be helped. this time of year people get sick. But now they’ve all had it I’m looking to jump start January and go into full steam before the end of the month.

This weeks rehearsals we all got a bit of a shock. You know a few weeks ago I told you that the troll was a conundrum – well, we got to see it, in the flesh, or stone as the case my be. Cue me demanding to have a troll selfie before rehearsals started so I could send to SH to show him. He’s the only one outside of the cast who gets to see him. The rest will have to wait. But I was bouncing, he was better than I could have imagined our troll being. So, next week – I’m having a blog Christmas break and we have Adam W taking over to tell you all about it. It’s one not to miss I promise!

Marketing went into power mode over the last few weeks, special thank you to Bridget who is our Marketing Wonder Woman (MWW from now on). There’s even a rare free tickets competition going on – so if you’re on twitter, follow us and RT the special message for a chance to Win.

First rehearsal back after Christmas is BOOKS DOWN! This is usually very scary for the cast, I’m hoping to make taking away the line safety blanket more fun by running a very quick cue to cue for the first one – the idea is you all fit in a circle and start with a ball, as you say your line you have to throw a ball to the person who is speaking next – meaning that you should know the person speaking before you and the person speaking after you. I’m going to see how many throws we can do before the ball drops or gets dropped. I’ll let you know next week.

The next thing I’m going to do when we get back is set up a camera in a separate room and give everyone a list of questions that they have to go and answer in character. This is part of their Christmas homework (there had to be some catch for the lines extension). Once I’ve got the best bits I might post some on here.

In the last post I talked about the top 5 things I learnt about making a trailer – the differences between stage and screen, and there are more than just five but I had to limit it! After many versions and talking back and forth with Yoni the final one is here! I have to admit, it wasn’t the sitting back with coffee that I thought it would be. As the director you’re very involved in the process – does this work, should we do this, what if we cut this bit here or that bit there. But we’re done and I’m really happy with the finished product! and I promised that you guys would get to see it first. I shall stop rambling now and show you… Those first five views – they’re just me…

Enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments & don’t forget to book – we’re Limited Availability on Saturday now!!!