A Monstrous Production: A Directors Blog. 

Good evening folks,

This is attempt two of tonight’s blog… my first version was the show in numbers – then as I was about finished (counting tweets and costume changes and rehearsal hours etc) I realised I was spoiling half of the surprises we have in store for you… so I’ve stored that away for my last blog. It was a lot of numbers.

What happened this week? Well… we’ve had 12 hours of rehearsals (I just can’t resist those numbers!). We’ve run act 2 many times, (last week was all about act 1). We’ve done both normal and speed runs to drill everything in. Currently the cast have a prompt, we’ll soon get to the point where that’s removed and if a line gets missed or forgotten they’re going to have to help each other. I guess it’s easy for me, I have the script in front of me, but we’re having title issues at the moment – Privates, Corprals, Captains, Lieutenants and Generals – and not everyone stays the same, there’s a lot of promotions in this war! And that gets confusing. 

(Finding pictures of rehearsals to intersperse my babble that didn’t give too much away was incredibly hard!)

Lots more props and costumes arrived this week – it’s the little things sometimes that make it. There’s a letter that Polly reads near the start and I know it’s only a piece of paper and it’s used for like 1 minute on stage but my lovely chief of props (Adam T) nailed it and must have spent ages cutting bits out! I have to say I was less impressed at the picture of the Duchess… Adam has a warped sense of humour sometimes… 

Sometimes as a director you have to push your actors to do things they don’t feel comfortable with. I’m not talking about anything illegal or dodgy but an emotional place they’d rather not go for example (lucky for us this is a comedy). But as a director I did not think that I would have to do anything outside of my comfort zone. This week, I had to go out of my comfort zone. Since I moved from on the stage to behind it, I have felt so much more comfortable. Now, I have gone on stage since, but I get terrible nerves these days. I got a phone call from my awesome marketing lead saying we’d secured a TV interview and would I go and talk about the show. Argh!!! But I did it because my cast are awesome and have worked so hard they deserve a great audience to perform to. If you haven’t already seen it, you can catch the interview here. And thank you to That’s Solent for giving us the opportunity to come on and chat about the show. 

Right, that’s me for this week, I have to go write a lot of lists… maybe that will be the theme for next weeks blog: Lists I have written – jokes. You’d be bored senseless by that!