Directors Blog: A Monstrous Production

Evening all. 

Two more rehearsals… Two!!! Eeeeek! Everyone had a lot of fun today at rehearsals, which is good best let everyone get their giggles out today than on the first night. Also this is meant to be a fun thing to do. It’s an odd thing for a director of an Amdram show. It has to be fun – or else nobody would do it but at the same time in just over a week there will be bums on seats having paid to see a great show. So it is a thin line to tread to find the right mixture of fun and hard work – there was a lot of hard work along with the fun I should add!!! 

We had a production meeting this week, that really settled my nerves. Also – might have said this before – I am not technical. Not in the slightest. I know what I want lit and when, and the sounds I need. But how that happens? No idea. I don’t know a gobo from an LED, or what either of those two things do. So far this week I have spoken with Ollie, Clayton and Joe – these guys (plus one other) are my technical salvation. Because I don’t know what I’m talking about I have no idea if what I’m asking is crazy or not. So when I was talking about corridors of light, spots, a different type of light for indoor scenes and out door scenes and lighting for someone to sit with their legs off the stage the fact they just went “yup” made me want to hug them. I’m just letting them have free reign, I’m just going to get in the way during the Get In. So – my plan is to make myself useful, do as I’m told, make lots of tea and bring sweets. I guess at that stage – well… the dress rehearsal my job is done. So I can go home and put my feet up! Jokes. I’ll be there. Every night.

Things I’m looking forward to this week: costumes arrive tomorrow!! With the clacks machine!! – SH is amazing and saving me a trip to Bristol by driving them to my door. Everyone needs an SH they are invaluable. Programme will be finalised and sent to the printers. The last of the props arrive. 

Next weeks blog will most likely be written from the theatre!!!