Dirk Gently’s Casebook – File #1


Dirk Gently’s Casebook – File #1

The Director writes…

Well we’re finally here – and now it’s real.

This week we start rehearsing, the cast have learned their lines, (hopefully for their sake), the rehearsal rooms are booked and the director knows the play inside out and back to front?

Time for the hard work!

This is the fun part, the bit where we mess up, where we laugh, where we get embarrassed, maybe even angry! Then we go to the pub (assuming there are any left near the University) and drink our cares away.

The blocking part is vital to a smooth show and performers need to write the moves down in their script; that sounds obvious but not everyone remembers to bring a pencil! This is as important as a script as people won’t be standing in one spot on stage to say their lines. (Oh, and cast members should also remember an eraser in case of changes.)

So, the message to the cast is: please check the rehearsal schedule, sharpen your pencils, clean-out your ears, and get ready to make Dirk Gently the best show the Nuffield has seen. Let’s make Douglas proud!