It’s Murder – Take Two

The Real Jake Williams

This week’s blog is by Inspector Hound. Who bears an uncanny resemblance to actor and brand new SUP member Jake Williams. This is the first time Inspector Hound has graced the stage for SUP.

Good evening. My name is Inspector Hound and I am playing the part of Jake Williams for The Real Inspector Hound as part of SUP’s double-bill of murder mystery comedies.

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19-20 October at 7.30pm, Rose Theatre, Eastleigh – book at

I was first introduced to the story of Inspector Hound when I lived through it on that dark and stormy night all those many years ago, and even at the time I suspected the story had all the makings of a great play. It was full of surreal twists and turns, and I was deeply impressed by how accurate Tom Stoppard’s script was. Although it was much more farcical than I remember, and I’m not sure what those two critics have to do with anything… But all the same I was thrilled to be a part of this production.

That thrill hasn’t subsided now that rehearsals are well underway. It’s been wonderful reuniting with the cast: Lady Cynthia, Magnus, even Simon Gascoigne, the rascal. I’ll admit their decision to play the whole thing method and make me refer to them by their actor’s names while we’re not performing has proved to be a little frustrating. However, I suppose it only goes to show their dedication to the piece.

What’s more, we’ve been having so much fun with blocking and characterisation that I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to live through the experience of being trapped in a reclusive manor, trapped by the elements with a killer in our midst!

Considering motivation, Jake as a character has been a tough nut to crack, but using my incredible powers of deduction I believe I’ve figured out his given circumstances. He strikes me as the type who already knew David Green, our director, before production began – and from this we can infer that it was through David that Jake was introduced to SUP and The Real Inspector Hound.

From what I’ve seen of SUP, I imagine he’s found them very welcoming and has enjoyed the experience of working with a new group of talented actors. I’ve been trying to play him as someone very appreciative of the opportunity to play a character as bombastic and comedic as myself, but we shall see how well that translates in performance.

Overall, I believe that audiences are going to have a wonderful evening. I know for a fact that The Real Inspector Hound has a wicked sharp sense of humour, and as actors and characters we’ve been having a lot of fun building on that, whilst also embracing the weirdness of the entire story. We’re very excited to show it to you!

Inspector Hound is appearing as Jake Williams, or vice versa, in a sparkling double-bill of THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND and A JOLLY SINISTER JAPE at Eastleigh’s Rose Theatre, 19th-20th October 2018. Tickets are only £11 standard and £9.50 concessions – and with no booking fees payable

You can book tickets by clicking here