BLOG: Checking In


Director Alison Wells reports from rehearsals…

Rehearsals are well underway for this female two-Alisonhander, Going Home.

An hilarious but also poignant account of a middle aged woman’s ‘date night’ with Dennis (or is it Kenneth!!?) Cummings and his numerous ‘habits’!

We have two fantastic actresses.

Lisa Dunbar is Laurie, the daughter – on the trip to London with her mother and setting her up on the date from hell.

Lisa is new to SUP but not to community theatre – having trod the boards regularly with The Chameleon Theatre Company of Chandlers Ford. Welcome Lisa!

Sarah Fergusson is Mother, in London to visit old haunts and shop till she drops. An established member of SUP, Sarah has appeared in a number of our shows as well as being an active committee member and keen SUP supporter. Welcome back Sarah!

With lines already learned, we are working on making our audience laugh out loud and perhaps shed a tear as Mother tells Laurie all about her night out at the theatre.

We’re gathering all our props at the moment – we need lots of shopping bags so I’m taking one for the team and volunteering to do a massive shopping spree – just for the bags, honest! The American accents are proving a little tricky; however, a few You Tube tutorials and we’ll get there!

At the first production meeting last week, the four directors – LONDON SUITE is four one-act plays that all take place in the same location – decided on the final set design and furniture.

We’re excited to bring a full-on 90’ ‘luxury’ hotel suite to the Rose Theatre in Eastleigh. Construction starts this week and we are currently sourcing furniture – creating that ‘luxury look’ from charity shops and Gumtree can be challenging but we love a challenge!

We also expect to see the contents of SUP members’ houses on the stage as we generously suggest our own furniture and then realise we’re sitting on the floor at home for the week of the show….

Anyway, back at our rehearsals, we’ve been focusing on the second scene of Going Home – Mother returns from her date  – and Laurie makes her tell the story of her evening in great detail.

The story is already very funny and I’m keen to bring as much physical comedy into the scene as we can. The actress, Sarah, has to get rid of all her inhibitions and really ‘inhabit’ the character of Mother. We, the audience, needs to feel like we are on the date with her – and then we want to enjoy all the ‘juicy’ details…

When I find myself laughing out loud at rehearsals, I know we’ve got it! I hope you can join us in October for a great night of theatre.

Alison Wells is co-chair of SUP Theatre Company