The Diary of Anne Frank

Nuffield Theatre, 25th February 2014 – 1st March 2015 

Director  – Lorraine  Biddlecombe


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The Technical Team                            The Cast

Production Mgr – Adam Taussik             Anne Frank – April Apes Napper
Production Asst -Marianne Potts           Margot Frank – Katarina Smith
Technical Adviser – James Prance          Edith Frank – Jo Iacovou
Stage Manager – Alison Wells                 Otto Frank – Geoff Dodsworth
Assistant Stage Mgr -Marianne Po         Peter Van Daan – Simon Crispin  
Asst Stage Mgr – Gregg Parr.                   Mrs Van Daan – Jane Beesley
Asst Stage Mgr – Hannah Swieton.        Mr Van Daan – Kevin Bowers 
Lighting Design – Chris Stone                 Mr Dussel – Jonathan Sketchley
Lighting Operator – Tom Heald              Miep – Kerry Wall
Set Design- Lorraine Biddlecombe        Mr Kraler – Stephen Fenerty
Set Design – Adam Taussik                      German Officer – Adam Taussik
Sound Design- Paul Duell                        German soldiers – Paul Cresser  
Sound Design- Mike Frost                        & Carl Browning         
Sound Design- Dan Moses                      Collaborator – Nick Coleman
Sound Operator – Jonny Shepherd        Dutch Residents – Ray Upson, 
Costumes – Meri Mackney                       Bridget & Thomas Wilkinson,
Costumes – Allegra Carlton                     Christine & Lottie Ash
Set Builder – Adam Taussik
Set Builder – Lorraine Biddlecombe
Set Builder – Ruth Shelton Jones
Set Builder – Chris Stone
Chaperone – Sandy Town

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