After Life by Jack Thorne

12th and 13th July 2022, from 7:00pm

University of Southampton (Highfield Campus), Building 34, Room 2003 (Tuesday 12th) or Room 4013 (Wednesday 13th)


The SUP Theatre Company will be performing After Life by Jack Thorne at Hanger Farm Arts Centre,
Aikman Lane, Totton, Southampton SO40 8FT. Production Dates: 23-26 November 2022

We are delighted to announce Open Auditions for this production.

To Audition for After Life

Please prepare a speech of around 1 minute from any play (or similar). The Director may also ask you to read different lines from After Life, but no preparation is needed for that.

Please also complete the audition form which can be found below.

Location: Auditions will be held at the University of Southampton (Highfield Campus), Building 34, Room 2003 (Tuesday 12th July) or Room 4013 (Wednesday 13th July).  On both days, auditions will be held from 7:00m. You may need to wait a few minutes for your turn to audition.
N.B. SUP holds open auditions. If you are cast and are not already a member, society rules and our insurance mean that you must become a paid member immediately



After Life by Jack Thorne

If you could spend eternity with just one precious memory, what would it be?

A group of strangers grapple with this impossible question as they find themselves in a bureaucratic waiting room between life and death. Encouraged by enigmatic officials, they must sift through their past lives to choose their forever.