Thank you to everyone who attended our open auditions in January: both plays were cast

We are entering two plays for the Totton Drama Festival in March. We hold open auditions: if cast, society rules and insurance mean you must become a paid member immediately.

Performance dates

Totton Drama Festival – Tue 20th March 2018. Part of the All England Theatre Festival (AETF), further rounds are as follows:

7th April – Weymouth, Dorset (Southern and Mercia Division quarter final)
5th May – Shaftesbury, Dorset (Western area semi final)
7th June – English Final – Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
6th/7th July – British Final – University of Stirling, central Scotland

Bully Beef and Whizzbangs


Written and Directed by Chris Hawley

ww1Set in the battlefields of France during 1916. Smudger, a new arrival at the Front, is keen to shoot his first German whilst Harry is more interested in keeping his head down, thinking of home and enjoying his mug of tea.

Full of trench humour, WHIZZBANGS is a wry look at life in the trenches through the eyes of two reluctant heroes. Stuck in a hole, surrounded by mud and death, how will our boys cope with the ever present danger of being shot or blown to smithereens? “Cheer up chum! The first seven years is the worst!”

Darlings, You Were Wonderful!

Written by Derek Lomas – Directed by Paul Cresser

A comedy for women… The action takes place in the dressing room of a Little Theatre, where the Amazon Theatre Group is about to perform a little-known 17th century Spanish play in a drama festival: “The Well of Defilement” by Juan Ruiz de Aragon.

Dressing-RoomAmid multiple tensions and general chaos backstage, missing cast member Lesley staggers in, paralytically drunk and dressed in motorcycle gear. Will the adjudicator be impressed by the seething passion of the cast – and with Lesley’s motorcycle regalia…?