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For THE RAILWAY CHILDREN at NST Campus, 22-25 January 2020



AUDITIONSThursday 18th July from 7.15pm

Building 34 – University of Southampton main campus

If you are not currently an SUP member, please let us know if you plan to attend the play reading and/or auditions: email Paul, SUP Secretary at

Audition form and details posted below

Please let us know on the evening what parts you want to audition for – you can audition for different parts, but please let us know your preference.

SUP holds open auditions. If cast and not already a member, society rules and our insurance mean that you must become a paid member immediately.

People are usually auditioned in the order in which they arrive and submit their completed audition forms. If a large number of people turn up, you may have to wait, so please bear with us. Water will be available in the waiting room.


IMPORTANT: we usually rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The form includes a box to indicate dates when you are NOT available. By signing the form, you are agreeing to attend all rehearsal dates when called, barring unforeseen circumstances – with the schedule agreed with the director – and in particular to be available for the tech and dress rehearsals.

Please click below to download the SUP audition form – then please complete and bring with you




Bobbie – F – adult 18+ playing a 12-13 year old. She is thoughtful, honest, determined and brave.
Peter – M – adult 18+ playing a 10-11 year old. He is naive, well-meaning, argumentative and exact.
Phyllis – F – adult 18+ playing a 9-10 year old. She is funny, direct and talks to the audience a lot.
The children are siblings and constantly arguing and making up. They need to be energetic, physical and demonstrate comic timing. Actual age – 20s.
Mother – F – 40s to 50s – caring, understanding, intelligent and resourceful.
Perks – M – 30s to 50s – station porter. A pillar of the community worried about his reputation. Has a heart of gold.
Mrs Perks – F – 30s to 50s – Perks’ wife, can also play the maid.
Jim/Superintendent – M – any age. The children save Jim when he is injured in a tunnel. The Superintendent oversees the local station.
Old Gentleman – M – Befriends the children and helps them, their mother and Mr Szezcpansky.
Doctor – M – 40s to 50s – befriends Bobbie and helps care for her Mother. Also plays Father.
Mr Szezspansky – M – 40s to 50s – Russian writer in looking for his wife and child. Speaks in French. Can also play the butler and policeman.
Mrs Viney – F – any age – housekeeper at the new house. Can also play the cook.
Possibly another three actors M / F who play passengers/Perks’ children/rail workers/runners and set movers.
All actors need to be mobile and reasonably fit.


Children only (Bobbie, Peter, Phyllis):

Anyone auditioning for one of the children:

You will need to recount a true story about a time when you were 10, 11 or 12 and helped an adult, or an adult helped you, to solve a problem or to improve an existing situation for them or you. Delivered as your 10, 11 or 12 year old self. Maximum 3 minutes in length. From memory please, no notes or cue cards.

Plus: a monologue that you like or have found (not Shakespeare), can be a passage from a  book. Maximum 2 minutes in length. You do not need to learn this. You can read it.

Everyone else:

A monologue that you like or have found (not Shakespeare), can be a passage from a  book. Maximum 2 minutes in length. You do not need to learn this. You can read it.


Paul Green directed SUP’s hugely successful adaptation of Agatha Christie’s AND THEN THERE WERE NONE at NST Campus in January 2019.

Paul directed his first play at the age of 17 and has been a part of at least seven companies in the Southampton area over the years. He has been Chair of the Wayfarers, Artistic Director for RAODS and Production Manager for Maskers.

In the 1990s he was Artistic Director of Southampton’s only performance pub, Talking Heads. He has directed six shows and acted in at least six at the Nuffield Theatre.

Acting highlights include Tom in Anne Jellicoe’s The Knack, Ken Harrison in Whose Life is it Anyway?, Percy Shelley in Howard Brenton’s Bloody Poetry, Mike in Steven Berkoff’s East, Young Lol in Cider with Rosie, Feste in Twelfth Night, Les in Bouncers, Roberto Miranda in Death and The Maiden, Brendan in The Weir and Mr. Samsa in Metamorphosis.

Directorial highlights include Superted the Musical and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (both at the Nuffield), West, The Tempest (both at The Gantry), Knuckle, Bold Girls, Teechers (Talking Heads), Iron, Mindgame, Oleanna, Precious Little Talent, Jane Eyre, The Thrill of Love (Plaza Theatre), Blue Remembered Hills (outdoors at Romsey Abbey), The 39 Steps (Minack Theatre, Cornwall), Di and Viv and Rose (Masker’s Studio) and most recently, Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman (Plaza). Before And Then There Were None for SUP, Paul directing Stef Smith’s Swallow, at the Plaza Studio Theatre, and is currently directing Mary Shelley for RAODS.

In 2019, he also co-compliled and performed in SUP’s wartime anthology For The Fallen, and appeared as the detective in SUP’s new murder mystery event, Forecast: Murder.

Paul was a founder member of Britain’s first equal partnership co-operative professional theatre company – Dead Cat Bounce – which toured productions across the South of England for two years. He is very much looking forward to directing for SUP again and returning to the Nuffield stage.