Audition Details

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency!

4th and 6th July 2017 @ 19:30

Building 34 @ Southampton University Highfield Campus

Auditions aren’t too far away! We’ve listed the parts we will be auditioning for on these dates and if you scroll towards the bottom audition pieces are available. They will be available on the night as well.

Main Roles

Dirk Gently :  late 20s + : Clever, eccentric, annoying.

Supporting Roles

Richard MacDuff :  late 20s +  :  Kind, sometimes gullible.

Reg Chronotus:  old [… the older side of completely indeterminate! ]   Professor at Cambridge University  –  eccentric, forgetful, childlike enjoyment of conjuring tricks.

Gordon Way:  30s  : A tech magnate  –  driven, trying — dead.

Susan Way: late 20s. Gordon’s sister + Richard’s girlfriend. Classical musician.

Michael Wenton – Weakes :  30s  :  Lazy, weak, disliked  — possessed.

Smaller Roles

Janice Pearce : 20s + : Dirk’s secretary – dissatisfied with job.

Sergeant Gilks [ male or female ] : 30s+ :  Dislikes + is exasperated by Dirk.

Sarah Androyd  :  A little girl

Marvin Androyd :  Her father

Perkins :  A policeman

Albert Ross :  A magazine editor

Watkin :  A don

Gordon’s housekeeper :  elderly + befuddled

Non speaking parts

* Aliens, dancers, wedding party, dons + wives/guests

* All are very small parts — could be doubled.

Audition Pieces

Audition pieces will be available on the night, however, for those who would like to read and prepare in advance please click on the names below.

Dirk    Gordon and Wilks    Reg and Richard      Sarah     Susan and Richard      Michael

If you would like to talk about the play with the director before auditioning you can contact Lorraine on: