Quarter Finals of the All England Theatre Festival – Pewsey
Win – Best Director – Bridget Wilkinson

Best Director:
The Mechanicals – Chris Hawley – nominated

Best Actress:
Fumed Oak – Gina Hodsman – WON
The Mechanicals – Jane Beesley – nominated
Best Actor:
It’s a Bobby’s Job – Stephen Fenerty – nominated
Best Supporting Actress:
Fumed Oak – Allegra Carlton – nominated
The Mechanicals – Imogen Higgs – nominated
Adjudicators’ Cup:
The Mechanicals – costume concept – nominated



Best Technical Achievement – Motherhood Out Loud

Best Supporting Player: Michelle Heffer – Semblance of Madness

Best Adult Actress: Bridget Wilkinson – Semblance of Madness



Best Technical Achievement

Motherhood Out Loud

Semblance of Madness

Best Director

Alison Wells (Semblance of Madness)

Jane Beesley (Motherhood Out Loud)

Adjudicators Award

Semblance of Madness

Motherhood Out Loud

Best Supporting Player

Michelle Heffer (Semblance of Madness)

Alison Wells (Semblance of Madness)

The Entire Cast of Motherhood Out Loud

Best Adult Actor

Jonathan Shepherd

Best Adult Actress

Hazel Burrows (Motherhood Out Loud)

Sally Scott (Motherhood Out Loud)

Imogen Higgs (Motherhood Out Loud)

Bridget Wilkinson (Semblance of Madness)