Dirk Gently’s Casebook – File #8

Countdown to showtime

Dirk Gently Production Manager and cast member Kevin Bowers provides a quick end-of-year update…

We’ve had the SUP Christmas party, we’re now in the Christmas break, and this is the final Dirk production blog of the year. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I’d like to wish you all the best for 2018. mww-e1514465663747.jpg

So, where are we up to, with the show? And what can we expect in the New Year?

Well, December saw the director and myself have a highly productive technical meeting with NST Campus to discuss the productions needs of the show in detail. This is quite a complex production with lots of moving parts: the cast, obviously, as well as many props,  costumes – including the aliens – along with pre-filmed inserts, magic tricks and some brand-new computer animations, and that’s without mentioning the technical aspects of the lighting and projection, and a pretty detailed list of sound effects. Another SUP team, meanwhile, had a meeting with the NST Box Office around marketing; helping to spread the word about the show to previous SUP and Nuffield audiences.

It’s good to report that, for instance, the animations are now almost complete, we’ve got 99% of the props that we need, including some of the trickier ones, the cast know virtually all of their lines – as you’d expect of this experienced team, five weeks to curtain up – and the director still has a full head of hair! So I guess that means we’re on the right track.

As I say, we only have five weeks left, meaning we’re going into the most intense period of rehearsals, requiring concentration and commitment in the final push, as well as the key period in our efforts to market the show, reaching out audiences and selling as many tickets as possible for what promises to be a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

One thought is front of mind, across cast and crew, and despite the busy weeks that undoubtedly lie ahead: and that is, remembering to have fun – so we can dazzle our audiences, sharing this wonderful tale and delivering a great night out.


The Effect of Colour on Audience Response in Theatre

The Effect of Colour on Audience Response in Theatre

Haven’t got the plan of the set yet, but as usual my mind is wandering to the colours that the three kitchens need to be. Colour has always been very powerful for me. Put something on a purple background I am likely to like it, it is the colour I feel safe in. Make it a green background and I am running a mile (too many memories of school uniforms).

So colour will play a definite role in Absurd. I know the Hopcroft’s house (Act 1) will be white and yellow, although some people have suggested white and pink but that is just a little too fluffy, Yellow and white for me says cleanliness, exactness and perfectionism, which is how the scene definitely starts, but will the audience think the same way as me or have I got it totally wrong. Research needed…

The effect of colour on Audience Response in Theatre Scenic Design (Thesis by Alison Bell)   Worth a read!