The Eileen Stannard Award


The Eileen Stannard Award (ESA) is a beautiful Rose Bowl, which was donated to Southampton University Players in 2011 by Ron Stannard, in memory of his wife, Eileen Stannard. Both Eileen and Ron were long-time members of SUP. The aim of the ESA is to recognise exceptional contributions and achievements that have been made by members during the year.

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 Nomination Criteria

To be eligible for nomination, the SUP member must have made a truly exceptional contribution to the society which meets one or both of the following criteria:

 •   Shown exceptional performance or innovative action backstage

•    Significantly enhanced SUP’s life or reputation

All society members are eligible to nominate any other member(s).  All Nominees must have been members of SUP at the time the achievement was carried out. Members may nominate multiple achievements, but a separate Nomination Form must be used for each one.

Nomination Process 2016/2017

Nominations should be made on an official Nomination form and must relate to an achievement that takes place during the academic year 1 August 2016 and 31 July 2017.  The deadline for nominations is 31st July 2017 at 5pm. Once you press submit this will automatically be emailed to the SUP Committee.

Names of all nominees will be put forward to the judging panel. Where multiple nominations are made for the same member of the society, for the same achievement, the judging panel will be made aware of the total number of nominations received.

Celebrating other achievements

Last year SUP committee introduced two separate awards in the build up to the Eileen Stannard Award these are:

  • Best On Stage Performance – Could be a leading lady or gentleman or someone who has taken on a small role and truly shone.
  • Best Support Back Stage – This is for a director, producer, props, lighting, sound, set building or just someone who has been there to lend a hand and you want to thank them. This could also be to a contribution away from a production supporting committee or social event.


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Judging Process

An ESA Judging Panel will be formed by members of SUP Theatre Company.

Nominations will be reviewed and commented upon by the panel, who will select up to five nominations as worthy of recognition as a shortlist,  and one winner, who will receive the bowl for the year.

The ESA is usually awarded to an individual, however, where appropriate, and at the discretion of the awarding panel, it may be  awarded to a small team.

The decision of the Panel is final. The Panel will not discuss nominations outside the Judging meeting. Members may discuss nominations among themselves, and with potential nominees.

The announcement of the shortlist and winner, and presentation of the Rose Bowl, will take place at the Annual General Meeting. The shortlist and winner will also be reported in the newsletter.

The main SUP Committee reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time.

Previous Winners

Winner – Alison Wells – for outstanding contribution to the Society both off stage and on with particular reference to fund raising through the organisation of the Murder Mystery evenings, help and support to other members, organisation of BBQ, poem writing and the fulfilment of her secretarial duties.

Highly Commended – Stephen Fenerty – for his help and support off stage as well as a great performance in A Bobbys Job.
Best On Stage Performance – Paul Cresser – Fumed Oak
Best off Stage Support – Jane Milone – Costumes for A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Winner – Set Building team from Absurd Person Singular – Who did a fantastic job creating 3 different kitchens
Highly Commended: Alison Wells – For the excellent organisation of the Murder Mystery evening. Stephen Fenerty – Standing in at short notice in Motherhood Out Loud at Shaftsbury. Bridget Wilkinson – For all her hard work over the years as the Marketing Officer. Imogen Higgs – Replacing Bridget Wilkinson and taking the marketing strategy forward
Winner – Sandy and Stephen Town for donating shed space for storage of scenery and props when our previous storage had to be vacated.
Highly Commended: Greg Parr – Producing the online trailers for The Diary Of Anne Frank and The Great Gatsby. Jonathan Shepherd – Standing in at short notice to play ’George Wilson’ in The Great Gatsby


winner –  Natalie Windebank, for her performance as ‘Mia,’ standing in  Immaculate.

Highly Commended:Andy Burrows & Team (Hazel and Pete Burrows) for the set design for Dear Antoine;

Highly Commended:-Frances Heather for her performance as ‘Older Edie’ In In Room Five Hundred And Four;


Winner – Chris Stone – exceptional commitment to SUP, advising on technical issues for  It Could Be Any One Of Us
Highly Commended:Alison Wells – stage manager of Lady Windermere’s Fan.
Highly Commended: Margaret Sargeant For direction of Lady Windermere’s Fan
Highly Commended: Natalie Windebank Amy Polegate in It Could Be Any One Of Us


Winner: Meri Mackney, – Stunning array of props in How the Other Half Loves
Highly Commended: Bridget Wilkinson, Excellent Director, How the Other Half Loves
Highly Commended: Ron Stannard, First Chairman of the Play Selection Sub-Committee
Highly Commended: Val Struthers, Production Assistant for two productions

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