Triple Act


Bringing together three very different theatrical experiences within the intimate ‘cabaret’ environment of the Nuffield’s studio bar.

Semblance of madness: A powerful, compelling drama. Three women in a psychiatric hospital meet for a therapeutic drama lesson. Jones an ex-professional actress, adopts the role of teacher. Dawn, a neurotic day-dreamer, and Hannah, an apparently ‘normal’ dispassionate person-portrays her students. From the outset we learn information regarding a gruesome murder. Each woman declares she is a trained psychiatrist and that the other two are inmates. The suspicion constantly transfers between the three as the tension builds. It is not until the very end that the truth is discovered. (written by John H Newmeir)

Pride at Southanger Park: Supposedly an adaptation of a long lost Jane Austen novel, crumbles into a farce and disaster as the cast plough on to prove they are the equal of any BBC adaptation. (written by Rupert Bean and Michael Green)

Pub Quiz of the sexes: Two men, two women. A multiple choice dry comedy, with the answers to life, love and bar snacks. Warning! May contain nuts! (written by Mark Wakeman)